Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that allows someone to make decisions for you, or act on your behalf, if you are no longer able to or if you no longer want to make your own decisions.

Two Types of LPA

Property and Financial Affairs

A Property and Financial Affairs LPA allows your loved ones to deal with the paying of your bills, buying and selling your property and managing your bank accounts and investments. 

Health and Welfare

A Health and Welfare LPA covers decisions about health and care and even deciding where you are to live. This can only be used if someone is incapable of dealing with such matters themselves.

Risks of not having an LPA

Many people assume that their spouse, partner or children will just be able to take care of matters, but this is simply not the case. 

If you lose mental capacity without an LPA in place, your family must then apply to the Court of Protection to have a deputy appointed to deal with everyday financial matters. This is a slow and very expensive process. If you already have an LPA in place, this will not be necessary.

Having an LPA in  place gives you the peace of mind of knowing that the people you have chosen and trust would be able to act on your behalf if and when you need them to.

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