Crystal Life Planning In Partnership With Bolton Deaf Society

"We are thrilled to announce our meaningful partnership with Bolton Deaf Society, an organisation dedicated to empowering and supporting individuals in the deaf community".

At Crystal Life Planning , we firmly believe in inclusivity and accessibility for all. Through our collaboration with Bolton Deaf Society, we are committed to providing comprehensive support to its service users and their families.

We understand the unique needs of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. That's why, in all our meetings, we will provide skilled interpreters who facilitate effective communication, ensuring that everyone can actively participate and make informed decisions about their future.

Our personalised Estate Planning service prioritise clear and transparent communication, enabling our clients who are deaf to have full control over their future plans.

Through this partnership, we strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels heard, valued, and empowered to make important decisions about their Estate Planning, offering low cost solutions.

Join us as we stand hand in hand with Bolton Deaf Society, fostering a supportive and inclusive community for all. Together, we can make a lasting impact!

To make a donation, click the Bolton Deaf Society logo to visit their website and help support a very worthy charity."

Martin Gundlach 

For help and support call

01204 867871

Crystal Life Planning proud to support